50 Caliber Bottle Opener is Made from Real Ammo


p6128_column_grid_12In the land of novelty products, the act of creating things solely for the sake of bad puns, regardless of potential sales, is maybe not king, but it’s in line for succession somewhere.

So, yes, you can – wait for it – pop a cap all up in your party with the .50 Caliber Bottle Opener. Despite bottle openers being a need for literally no one at this point, the prospect of using an actual .50 caliber shell casing to open up a beer – well, there’s just something uniquely American about that, isn’t there?

There’s no gunpowder in any of these bottle openers, and part of the reason for that is that every single one of them has actually been shot off. There’s also the slightly disturbing caveat that you don’t know, exactly, in what context your new liquor liberator was used. All you’ll know is that you’ll be holding a military-grade .50 caliber brass cartridge, and that someone, somewhere, shot it at something at some point in time.

The .50 Caliber Bottle Opener is on Firebox now for $13.