Lifesize Rawlings Baseball Glove Leather Chair

rawlingsIt’s time for the World Series, which is terrific if you’re from St. Louis or Boston and not terrific if you’re from anywhere else. Either way, if you’re going to be plopping down to watch the games, you’re going to need appropriate seating. It’s a rare thing indeed that can replace the trusty recliner, but for baseball fans, the above might get the job done.

The Baseball Glove Leather Chair is the real deal, made by Rawlings out of the same steer hide leather that they use to make their baseball gloves. The whole thing is hand assembled, from the wood frame to the foam padding to the leather upholstery. There’s even a mahogany base down below to class things up a bit.

There all kinds of small touches that really seal the deal, like the aluminum rings around the palm of the glove and the leather lacing through the fingers. The only thing decidedly non-glove-like is the leather armrest, which can be removed for purists who need to watch the game the right way.

But, given the price, it might be cheaper to just go to the whole World Series (especially, if you’re as lucky as this guy). The Baseball Glove Leather Chair is selling on Hammacher Schlemmer for $6,200.

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