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Brooks PureFlow 2 Running Shoes Review: Heavenly Sneakers for Your Feet

Whether you run, walk, or skip – good shoes are essential for your feet. Since you spend the majority of your life on them – shouldn’t you treat them to something awesome? The Brooks Women’s PureFlow 2 are amazing sneakers that are super lightweight and essential companions when you are in the mood for a long run or walk.

Having taken the PureFlow 2 through its paces on a recent European vacation – it was important for me to have a pair of shoes that could handle hours upon hours of walking. The PureFlow 2 were spongy feeling and airy for my feet. So much so, that I could walk to London from Paris if I tried. I found myself running here and there but mostly riding a bike, and walking through different types of pavements throughout my journey. The cushy feel of the midsole prevented my feet from aching after hours of being on them.

While the design of the shoes do remind me of Sketchers sneakers from the 90’s – it does do the job of grabbing people’s attention when walking or running at night. The pair we were testing was a lime green and black version. It was bright and loud and I could easily be spotted if I decided to run aimlessly into a dark street. And if you really are hard on your running shoes, the PureFlow 2 will last 250 to 300 miles before they beg for mercy.


In the end, the Brooks Women’s PureFlow 2 running shoes is a must have in an active runners closet. They are super light, feel great to wear, and your feet will thank you. The design of the shoes could be a bit trendier, but overall it shouldn’t discourage you from picking up these sneakers – you’ll be glad you did. The PureFlow 2 retails for $100 and are worth every penny.

The Good: Feels like you just slipped your feet into cushy comfy goodness. Super light to walk in and even easier to carry around with you. You can wear them for hours and your feet won’t ache.

The Bad: The sole easily gets dirty. Their lifespan is only 300 miles max and depending on how much you run or walk – they could be too short a life.

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