This Bunk Bed is a Triple Threat


You’re going to have to rush back to the room every night just so you can call dibs on not having that topmost bunk. That’s a long way to climb when you’re tired.

The Katahdin, from Maine Bunk Beds, goes one level higher, stacking three beds on top of each other, and possibly beginning a dangerous game of one-upsmanship in the bunk bed game that surely will not end well. If you want to be boring, the beds can also be placed side-by-side as three twin beds, but come on. When you get the chance to sleep in a triple bunk bed, you have to take it. Just make sure that railing on the topmost bunk is really sturdy.

To use the Katahdin, you’re going to need a ceiling that is at least 85” high. You can purchase the triple bunk bed for $2,895 plus shipping, or go IKEA on it and get it unfinished for $2,395 plus shipping.

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