Calvin Harris and SOL Republic Partner on Master Tracks XC Headphones

MTXC Calvin Harris web res

SOL Republic is coming out with its own take on professional grade headphones with their new Sol Republic Master Tracks XC. They’re rugged, built for sound across all ranges, and have been tuned by DJ and producer Calvin Harris.

Aspiring to be a pair of professional headphones means that you need to get sound right, first and foremost. SOL Republic is saying they have nailed this, with clear highs, a solid mid-range, and powerful lows, with faithful details present throughout, free from distortion. They’re also built to last. This is something Sol Republic likes to say about a lot of their headphones, and for good reason – way too many headphones on the market break down way too easily. The Master Tracks XC have Sol Republic’s own FlexTech SoundTrack headband, which can be twisted and pulled without breaking.

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Calvin Harris Med Res

If you’re going to be in the studio with these, a 5” coil cable and a 1/4” adapter are included. Otherwise, you’ll have a 6′ rugged cable and another red cable that matches the headphones themselves, which includes a three-button in-line microphone. The looks are supposed to be reminiscent of the studio, using tones that reflect the wood paneling of famous studios all over the world. There’s also a red satin finish that goes with the in-line microphone cable mentioned above.

The SOL Republic Master Tracks XC Calvin Harris edition will be out in the early going this month for $250.

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