See Your Apartment Through Rose Colored Glasses – Literally

Some companies and developers aren’t messing around when it comes to Google Glass. We’re still probably six months or more away from a full consumer release of Glass, but that hasn’t stopped Sherwin-Williams from cooking up something for the Explorers to play with while the rest of us wait patiently.

Yeah, Sherwin-Williams, the paint store. Apparently, they were really, really excited about the idea of Google Glass, and thus ColorSnap Glass was born. ColorSnap is an app that Sherwin-Williams has had for a little while. It’s a color matching app that lets you use your smartphone or tablet (currently just iOS) to take a picture. The app draws out the six most prevalent colors in the picture, and matches them to color that Sherwin-Williams has in stock. And, of course, you can get directions to the nearest Sherwin-Williams store to your location afterwards.

Well, Sherwin-Williams has ported that app over to Google Glass. Works the same way, just with hands-free picture taking. For those of you who can enjoy the new app, do so – it’s free, and it’s another excuse to play with your new toy. For everyone else, just sit tight. Google Glass will get here eventually.

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