CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story Lands On New VH1 App


VH1 is coming out with a new app, and appropriately enough, it’s all over the map, offering up brand new content, shorts, and features from the network. And that covers a lot of ground, because after going off the music video standard, VH1 went even more nuts on programming than MTV did. Part of the ground that will be covered will be a new TLC biopic, which will head on over to the app after it debuts on VH1 on October 21. Better get the tissues ready.

According to VH1, the new app is a three-pronged pop culture assault. First, they’ll have new episodes of all their shows (and, with any luck, they’ll throw in old episodes of I Love the ’70s, too) to watch on the app. That includes CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, the biopic that will premiere on the network before popping up on the app. The quintessential ’90s girl group (I know you just queued up ‘No Scrubs,’ I don’t even need to ask) gets the biopic treatment, directed by Charles Stone III. The only bummer here, and it is a pretty big one, is that to watch any other VH1 show on the app, you’ll need to enter in valid cable subscription information for a participating cable company. The TLC biopic is, fortunately, an exception.

Then, there’s VH1 Snack, which features content made just for the app. Mostly short-form stuff, the videos vary from Matt Pinfield’s musings on and remembrances of the music industry to Super Hand Models, a soap opera about hand models, with the characters played by human hands. I guess that fits in pretty nicely with VH1’s oeuvre.

Connect will tie everything together by integrating Twitter and Facebook feeds, so you can have your say on any of the content on the app, and see what others are saying.

At the outset, the new VH1 app will only be available for iOS. Android and Windows Phone versions are forthcoming.


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