This is One Lady You Don’t Want To Help Cross the Road

1381178482_woman_crossing_the_street_causes_accident (1)

No this isn’t a scene out of GTA. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Instead of the driver mowing down a pedestrian on purpose, the pedestrian almost gets a driver killed by thinking she can out run the car while crossing the street. Daredevils come in all shapes and sizes apparently. Didn’t she see the driver coming? Props to her for making a quick dash and not ending up road kill.

And even bigger props to the stunt driving that took place on that fateful day. Not only did the car just barely miss the lady crossing the street, the driver managed to not flip the car too! Sadly, the driver did end up smashing into a road sign in the bushes while the lady stood there in shock. We can only imagine what was going through her mind. Fortunately, we do have this awesome Gif that will forever live in infamy.

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