Dyson Hard DC 56 Review: A Vacuum That Makes Easy Love to Your Floors

A typical modern home has at least a few of these items: A swiffer, dustbuster, broom, canister vac, or an upright. The Dyson Hard is looking to eliminate a few of those cleaning tools. Some might call the Dyson Hard DC 56 a Swiffer on steroids, which in some cases is true, but it is also so much more.

In the Box

  • Operating manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Product registration card
  • 3 starter packs of Hard floor wipes (9 wipes total)
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Docking station

The Dyson Hard provides you with everything you need to get up close and personal with your hardwood floors. It won’t slop and push all the hair and grime around once the wet wipes get too covered with dirt. In fact it will do just the opposite, it will hold on to all the intertwined hair, dirt and grime as you push it along the floor. Thanks to the root cyclone technology, you are getting supreme suction technology in combination with a wipe that makes your floors spotless without a spec of dirt left behind.

The Dyson Hard’s suction power is certainly impressive but it doesn’t last for long. You’ll squeeze out just barely 15 minutes of power, and if you dare to use Boost mode, your whole cleaning session will last about 8 minutes. Or sometimes even less, depending on how charged the device is prior to you using it.  This is the same complaint I had with most of the Dyson Handheld vacuums – if you are lucky, they last 20 minutes, but the minute you switch on to Boost mode, the battery quickly drains. And while the DC 56 isn’t meant to be a replacement for a heavy duty vacuuming session, it is quite sufficient for quick spills or sucking up potato chips or dog food crumbs.

The Dyson comes with a handsome wand that doesn’t adjust for higher reaches, but the crevice tool does transform the Hard into a handheld vac that can creep into tight corners. The overall design of the Dyson Hard is pure Dyson and features detailing and engineering that can only be found with this iconic brand. To that effect, the double-edge cleaner head was designed to swivel and pivot to allow for easy maneuvering, and the dust bin is once again super easy to clean after messy jobs.


In the end, the Dyson Hard satisfies a lot of needs, it is a powerful hard floor vacuum that cleans and mops away everyday dirt, leaving behind a fresh and clean scent – in fact depending how often you use this, your floors will really come to life over time. Furthermore, there is no film left behind with the wet wipes and it requires no additional rinsing. Over time, it will easily become an essential addition to your cleaning arsenal. Swap off the stick and replace it with the crevice tool and now you have a handheld vac that lets you pick up dry crumbs and messes. Also, the Swiffer wet cloths can easily be used with this machine but are actually quite comparable in price with the Dyson wet wipes which cost $6.99 for 12 wipes.

The Dyson Hard DC 56 may not be a necessity for a lot of folks out there, but for devout Dyson enthusiasts, you will want to add this to your collection. And for those looking to kick their broom, mop or Swiffer to the curb, the Dyson Hard is the way to go. The Dyson Hard retails for $329 but it can be found for as low as $296 on Amazon.

Buy it!

The Good: It will become your hard floor’s best friend. Easy to use and features the signature Dyson engineering. Wet Wipes don’t leave behind a film on your hardwood floors. Becomes a Handheld vac by using the crevice tool.

The Bad: Pricey. Not a necessity to own but certainly comes in handy. Taller folks may find the Dyson Hard’s stick isn’t tall enough for them.

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