Unique Faceplate Hides Those Pesky Electrical Outlets

Bamboo-2Now we just need camouflaged wires. The venerable electrical outlet is getting hated on something fierce today by LivingPlug’s new faceplates. Aimed at interior designers and those who don’t want to cover their outlets up with bookcases anymore, the faceplates can be done up custom to match wallpaper and paint jobs, so your outlets stay hidden.

These faceplates will come in all kinds of designs, colors, and materials, which will be up soon on LivingPlug’s website. You can’t see from the picture above (which is the point), but there are three three-prong outlets underneath the new stealth faceplate here, so you’re getting a little more bang for your buck while keeping things looking aesthetically pleasing. Now, are matching wire covers in the works, too? Only time will tell.

At launch, LivingPlug’s faceplates will be available to the general public, but in time, they’ll be working with designers and decorators to create more custom options.

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