FiLiP Smartwatch for Kids Lands at AT&T

screenshot_1662Back in July, we took a look at the FiLip Smartwatch, a promising child safety device with an uncertain future. Well, the crystal ball has now cleared up, and we know that you’ll be able to get one from AT&T sometime in the next few months.

FiLiP’s United States release will be exclusive to AT&T. That means you’ll need to have a monthly plan for FiLiP. We’re not sure how much that plan will cost, but one would think it would be a great deal cheaper than plans for regular mobile devices. After all, FiLiP is pretty limited – perfect for kids, in other words. Five phone numbers can be programmed into FiLiP as speed dial numbers, which kids can call for two-way communication. There are also GPS features for parents, including safe zones, with alerts if kids wander outside of them. An emergency button sends out a location signal, starts recording audio, and initiates calls to all five programmed numbers in succession, and emergency services if none of those five numbers are available.

We still don’t know about pricing, for the device or the monthly plan. AT&T has said that those details will be released within the next few months.



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