Goji Play is an iPad Exercising Machine

Goji-Play-1-2TApparently, Blue Goji has a bone to pick with how boring exercise is. If not even music can get you motivated to stay on the stationary bike for more than five minutes, Blue Goji has your back with the Goji Play, a way to play games on your iPad while you exercise.

Goji Play is an entire system within itself – a fitness app, game controllers, and games developed just for Goji Play. Goji Play comes with two wireless controllers with two buttons each, going for the familiar ABXY button scheme. Those two controllers can be attached to the handles of any stationary piece of exercise equipment – ellipticals, stationary bikes, treadmills, and the like. There’s also an activity sensor, which will work with the fitness app. All three will connect wirelessly with an iPad using Bluetooth.


There are a few games up and running right now that you can play, including a racing game and a space shooter. While you’re playing (and exercising, don’t forget), the activity sensor monitors steps taken and time spent exercising. You can view that information on the Goji Play app, which presents that data in chart form and lets you set weekly, monthly, or yearly goals.

You can get Goji Play now for $100. The team says more games are in development for the system. The whole system requires four AA batteries, which are included. Goji Play will work with all iOS devices, but something tells me these games won’t be very fun on the iPhone or iPod Touch – this one is probably best used with an iPad.

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