Goldee App Extends Philips Hue with Additional Light Scenes

screenshot_1650The Philips hue lighting system was meant to be an open system, allowing for third parties to play around with smartphone-controlled lighting. One of the first to take advantage is an app called Goldee, which adds dynamic lighting to any hue bulbs you have in your home.

At the outset, Goldee will feature ten static pictures with very striking color contrasts. There are images of sunrises, sunsets, and urban landscapes – the common thread is that all of the images carefully use light to evoke the same kinds of feelings you might get from being in the scene itself. What the app does is takes all the colors of light from the scene you’ve chosen, and translate that into dynamic lighting using your hue bulbs. You can use as few or as many hue bulbs with Goldee, depending on how many you have set up in your home. You also have the option to use Goldee as a gentle alarm, triggering the dynamic lighting you choose once sunrise hits, or at whatever time you have scheduled.

If you really want to boil down Goldee to its essence, you could just say this is curated mood lighting. And, for now, that’s something that’s made exceptionally easy by the open-ended nature of the hue system. So, if that piques your interest, give it a shot – Goldee is free for right now. The developers are saying that their current slate of ten scenes will soon expand to hundreds, but no word on whether or not those will be free, as well.

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