Please Don’t Shake the Grumpy Cat Snow Globe

grumpycatThe emerging merchandise empire popping up around a cultural icon that may or may not be remembered in five years’ time plows forward, this time in a seasonally appropriate (and affective) form.

Winter is coming, and for many, that means a preponderance of down emotions are about to roll into the station. Well, let Grumpy Cat be the conductor of that wintery misery train with this snow globe. Clearly Grumpy Cat is not thrilled to be in a snow globe, but then again, I could have just ended this sentence after ‘thrilled’ and everything would have been fairly well explained. But hey, it’s made of ceramic and glass – Grumpy Cat should at least be satisfied that she didn’t get the cheap plastic treatment. No, never mind, she probably won’t be.

Urban Outfitters (of course) is selling the Grumpy Cat Snow Globe for a wretched, miserable $16. And, just to heap on more anguish, it won’t ship until November 14.

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