iPad Rumors: More of the Same?


There’s a new iPad coming tomorrow, so with that, many of the rumors already circulating might be flushed down the toilet. Whoops – I  guess the notion of a new iPad debuting is still technically a rumor too, but by all accounts it’s a foregone conclusion. So, the question is, what will it look like? Well, it’s probably going to look a lot like an iPad.

Apple’s core products have settled nicely into a more or less yearly routine update cycle, with spec upgrades probably targeted more at 2nd and 3rd generation iPad owners than those already toting around last year’s model. So, for the iPad, you should probably expect a modest spec bump that keeps the tablet on par with the most up-to-date tech out there, because there’s not much point pumping old tech out of the factory for any more than a year, anyway.

A report over on MacRumors suggests that the updated iPad will be thinner and lighter (no kidding), with a new A7X processor and an 8 MP rear camera. The report cites KGI Securities Analyst and professional Guy-Who-Knows-About-These-Things Ming-Chi Kuo, who also mentions what you shouldn’t expect from the refreshed iPad – a gold color and the Touch ID sensor. Kuo seems to think that Apple will be reserving their limited components for iPhone 5S production on that front.

A new iPad Mini is also probably incoming, with conflicting rumors saying there may or may not be a Retina display. Kuo seems to think the updated iPad Mini will also lack Touch ID, and will be powered by the same A7 processor found in the iPhone 5S. Both the iPad and the iPad Mini should have the M7 chip, which is being used for enhanced motion detection, for use in fitness tracking apps and the like.

Also expected tomorrow is a Haswell refresh to the MacBook Pro Retina. All of this will be pretty routine, and probably doesn’t need the kind of pomp Apple now habitually provides for its products. The one interesting thing to look for tomorrow will be more information about the new OS X update, OS X Mavericks, so you can know what you’ll actually get to do with all those MacBook Pros you’ll be banging on the figurative online door to get.

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