Japan LA Hello Kitty Dresses Make You Look Like Catnip


This doesn’t really count for Halloween, but I know some of you are going to cop out and wear these to costume parties anyway, so here you go. Stretchy Hello Kitty dresses will get the job done, but in your heart, you’ll know you really should have worn fake whiskers, a red bow, and white face paint.

The new Japan LA x Sanrio line of dresses features not just Hello Kitty, but her friends Keroppi and Tuxedo Sam. The sleeveless dresses have racer backs with a stretchy, form-fitting look. They are also 95% polyester and 6% spandex, because Hello Kitty ALWAYS gives you more than 100%.

Fortunately, we live in an awesome time for pop culture, where you will be celebrated for wearing these out on any given day (as it should be). The dresses are selling for $65 each from Sanrio.


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