KikkoSket Custom Dunny is Literally Awesomesauce

photo-3_originalSomeone needs to get Kikkoman on the phone, because there’s no reason why their soy sauce bottles shouldn’t look exactly like this dunny from Sket One.

This guy looks like he’s ready for some serious sushi action – seriously, it looks like he’s out to catch some fish with those chopsticks. The dunny is largely made from resin – no, there’s no soy sauce inside, but that’s just a testament to how perfectly they were able to nail the color of the resin. And, yes, that’s is an authentic Kikkoman red cap up on the left ear.

But, it’s not just the dunny you get. You can set up an entire homage to the entire sushi process – the dunny comes with a pair of wooden chopsticks and a bamboo place mat. There’s even a soy-sauce filled dish, a clump of wasabi, and a pile of ginger, all made out of resin. All that’s missing is, well, the sushi.

If you want it bad, get ready – as of midnight eastern tonight, the KikkoSket Custom Dunny will be on sale for 24 hours, and that’s it. He’s going to cost you, though, selling for $475. These are all custom made, so shipping will take a while. Sket One says you can expect yours in December.

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