Motorola’s Moto Tweet Fleet to the Rescue!

MTF Car #2

Forgot to pick up milk on the way home? Want a pizza delivered? Out of toilet paper? Need a designated driver? Alright, I don’t know how far, exactly, Motorola is willing to go with the Tweet Fleet, but there’s nothing saying you can’t test the waters.

The Tweet Fleet is Motorola’s way of bumping the Moto X by way of being the errand runners of New York City. The fleet will be patrolling the streets of some New York neighborhoods, eyes transfixed onto their Twitter feeds, but hopefully not while driving. If you’re in New York and are in need of something – anything, batteries, directions, whatever – tweet your dire need @MotoTweetFleet using #MeetMoto. I guess after that, they can figure out where you are, and that’s a nice thought.

MTF #4

Once the Tweet Fleet sends out a responder, your need will be fulfilled. Then, it’s your turn to accede to Motorola’s wishes. Fortunately, nothing too onerous – you’ll get to play around with the new Moto X and design one on the Moto Maker studio. I’m guessing if you want to buy one, too, they won’t stop you. And, if you live in Chicago, keep an eye out, because the Tweet Fleet is headed your way next.