Brother, Can You Spare a New $100 Bill?


The latest salvo in the constant arms race between the government and counterfeiters has arrived, with a brand new $100 bill coming off the presses now. Yes, the mints are still operating, and no, I’m not going to make that joke.

So, what does new mean? What it always means! More colors, and more holograms. The two most obvious changes are the blue ribbon and the inkwell. The blue ribbon, which looks like it’s the lynchpin of the anti-counterfeiting efforts this time around, features a 3D effect, where bells and 100s will appear to slide on and off the ribbon as you move the bill around. The ribbon is woven into the bill itself, in an extra security move. The brownish-gold inkwell next to the ribbon has a bell inside that you can see if you move the bill around.


Following that up is an extra hologram of Ben Franklin on the far right side, and a 100 that changes from copper to green in the lower right corner. There’s even a rough patch on Franklin’s shoulder, with ridges that can be felt when you run your finger across it. The big change on the back is a huge gold 100 on the right side, which is said to help people with visual impairments correctly identify the bill.

Back on the front, the background is now a pale blue, and there’s also a quill to the right of Franklin. There are tons of little words and phrases hidden all over the bill like Easter eggs, too. Apparently, the new bill has been in development for about a decade, so the government is clearly trying to buy itself as much time as possible before they have to do another redesign. With all those new features, it’s going to take counterfeiters a really long time to – alright, no, they’ll probably get it figured out sometime next year.

New $100 Bill