Fresh Paint App Gets Revamped for Windows 8.1


This Friday, you’d better wake up with your artistic juices flowing, because an updated Fresh Paint for Windows is coming with a whole slate of new features, including one that brings your works into the real world.

Fresh Paint, which will receive an update for both the Windows and Windows Phone versions, will receive slight interface changes and a few new tools to use. On the Windows version, you’ll now get watercolors and a graphite pencil set, from hard to soft, to play with. The development team has been at work improving the new watercolor effect, and there have been tweaks to improve response to changing stylus pressure. One great new feature is that you’ll be able to save custom palettes, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time getting your favorite colors just right every time you start a new project.

One cool new feature is that you’ll now be able to order canvas prints of the works you create in Fresh Paint. Microsoft got together with CanvasPop to make this possible – just put the finishing touches on your project, then order a print in your preferred size. CanvasPop will ship a hand-stretched, framed canvas print that you can hang on your wall.

Inspire Me will have loads of photos that can serve as the basis of a new project. You can import them into Fresh Paint, then turn them into a watercolor wash, or use oils to create different blurred effects.

On Windows Phone, graphite pencil will now be an option for sketching. There will be photo filters you can use, in the same kind of way as on the PC version, and there’s SkyDrive integration, so you can sync work done on your phone to your PC or tablet.

In fact, you won’t even need to wait until Friday for the Windows Phone update for Fresh Paint – you can go get that now. For Windows users, you’ll get the new Fresh Paint on Friday when the Windows 8.1 update goes live. Oh yeah, also, the Windows 8.1 update goes live this Friday.




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