Nook GlowLight Goes Toe to Toe with the Amazon Paperwhite


Barnes & Noble is coming out with a brand new reader in the Nook line, to properly compete with the Amazon Paperwhite. And compete it does, with some attractive specs and improvements to the Nook store that could lure a few readers over into their camp.

The Nook GlowLight is thinner and lighter than previous models, and has the same kind of front-lit lighting system that the Paperwhite has. There have been improvements made to display quality and text rendering, too, adding 62 percent more pixels. Some of the above bumps even top the Paperwhite – the GlowLight is 15 percent lighter than Amazon’s eReader. Even the color of the GlowLight is suggested to be an improvement over Amazon – the warm-white color provides more contrast with the text on-screen, and is supposed to better approximate the look of a page from an actual book. Full page flashing when turning pages has been eliminated, which, along with the anti-glare display, makes for a much more natural and comfortable reading experience.

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On the service side, your reading progress will be synced to your account, so you can continue reading from where you left off on any device running the Nook app. Also, the store will get an upgrade, now providing curated recommendations, some of which will be personalized based on your reading habits.

The Nook GlowLight is available as of today for $119, and is completely ad-free, to boot. If you’re a Barnes & Noble member, you can knock 10 percent off of that total. You can put the money you save there into grabbing a clip-on cover, while you’re at it.

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