He-Man Who? I Wanna Be Orko this Halloween


This Halloween, reach way back. Back to He-Man. But go farther. We’re not talking He-Man himself. We’re not even talking about Skeletor, because come on, there’s always way too many Skeletors during Halloween as it is. No, you need to go back to Orko, the little magic dude from Trolla.

It’ll be so obscure that most people at your costume won’t even recognize it! That’s the best. Halloween just isn’t Halloween without you being able to lord your superior knowledge of pop culture over everyone else.

And you have to give the people behind this hoodie credit. Not only does it get the scarf, ears, robe, and hat right, it comes in sizes as big as 5XL. If you’re small enough, you can grab a 5XL and pretend like you’re levitating, for maximum accuracy!

The Orko Costume Hoodie is available now off ’80s Tees for $65. Better start learning how to suck at magic now.


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