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If you’re a subscriber to Cadalyst Magazine, you know the importance of powerful hardware. Whether you work in business, science, or government, you know that the latest hardware drives expectations across the board – expectations you need to meet if you want to stay ahead of the competition or make sure you’re still in line for grant money. It’s just not something that can be ignored, and with the rate at which technology moves forward, you can find yourself grievously far behind if you don’t make an aggressive effort to stay on top.

Cadalyst Magazine covers all things involving CAD programs and detailed, graphics-intensive 3D rendering. So, it’s worth mentioning that Cadalyst took a good look at Dell’s line of workstation releases this year, filled with notebooks and tower computers that are loaded up with some of the most up-to-date, intensely powerful hardware that can be fit into a machine today. With notebooks featuring state-of-the-art displays and towers armed to the teeth with speedy and powerful processors and storage, the new Dell workstations are right up Cadalyst’s alley. So, if you get the chance to get that hardware edge for free, you have to take it, right? Send in a video to Cadalyst’s social media contest, and you might just come away with a brand new Dell workstation.

Dell Precision M3800

So, do you need a new Dell workstation? To stay competitive, that may very well be true. But it’s hard to imagine anyone not at least wanting one, and I’m sure no one’s going to be saying no to a free one. So, check out Cadalyst’s social media contest (prizes sponsored by Dell Precision workstations and Microsoft), in which one winner will be selected to receive a free Dell workstation. You’ll need to submit a one to two minute video on why you want or need a new Dell workstation in your life. Cadalyst will post select entries on a special YouTube channel just for the contest, where subscribers can vote on their favorite. So, get your sales pitch ready, and you just might propel your business ahead of the rest – for free.

First, you can consider the notebooks – the Dell Precision M3800, M4800, and M6800. The ultrabook-like M3800 flies past the industry standard for run-of-the-mill consumer notebooks, coupling a 4th generation Intel core processor with the power of NVIDIA Quadro professional-grade graphics and a QHD+ 3200 x 1800 resolution display that leaves much of the rest of the industry in the dust. The M3800 will become available mid-November. Meanwhile, the bigger M4800 and M6800 pack even more power, and those in need of maximum screen real estate will be happy to know that the M6800 keeps the 17” class of notebooks alive and well. They have the same crystal clear displays, Intel processors, and professional graphics from  NVIDIA Quadro graphicsor AMD FirePro. You’ll need all of that to unleash the full creative power of Windows 8 – and your own creative potential, while you’re at it. With a backup slice battery, these two will last all day long, never leaving you without your most important business asset – computing power.

The tower offerings, led by the low-profile Dell Precision T1700 and the top-of-the-line T7610, will be capable of granting you even more processing power, so you can render your 3D graphics in just minutes. They’re powered by the latest Intel® CoreTM  or Intel Xeon processors and, with the T7610 up to three discrete graphics processors. And, as if that power wasn’t enough, processes are accelerated by Intel Cache Acceleration Software. Add in PCIe SSDs for storage, and you’ll have an ultra-powerful rig that will keep your business competitive now and for years into the future. With the latest version of Windows 8 on board, you can also be assured that all of the basics you need for success will be right there at your fingertips – especially if you pair these these workstations with one of Dell’s many touch monitors.

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