Chic Purse Doubles as an iPhone Charger


You could get a bulky external battery case for your phone, yeah, but you don’t really want to add all those millimeters, right? No, and who wants to carry a bigger external battery around? You have enough things to carry around as it is. Once again, fashion and technology have made sweet music together, and present you with the ideal solution.

And no, the Mighty Purse is certainly not the first of its kind. But, if you dig plain leather bags, this is the hybrid purse/battery pack you’ve been waiting for. The bag is a good size for a night out – big enough to hold your phone, credit cards, cash, and a few extras. But, the centerpiece is the MicroUSB connector and the battery tucked inside, which, when fully charged, will have the capacity to recharge your phone twice over. There’s an LED indicator inside, letting you know how much power is left in the purse’s battery.

The Mighty Purse is available now on Firebox in almond, black, and gold for about $137.



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