I Really Don’t Want to Talk to You After this Week, So RingMeMaybe?

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I really don’t want to talk to you after this week, so RingMeMaybe?

That’s the fantastic promise of RingMeMaybe, a new iOS app out today. It supplies you with disposable phone numbers that expire after one week. So, if you have to put a phone number down for some online form, or you’re about to buy something on Craigslist, or you’re about to go on a date you feel very skeptical about, you can supply them with a number from RingMeMaybe. Although, have fun explaining that one if that date actually goes well.


RingMeMaybe works over VoIP, and you can have multiple disposable numbers at one time. You can also tag each number with the reason you’re using it, so you know who’s calling you and why. And, after a week, those numbers vanish, although you can opt to delete a number at any time. Making and receiving calls is free, and you’ll get your first two disposable numbers for free, as well. After that, it’s $0.99 to buy enough credits to get one new phone number for one week. Or, you can choose to renew a number for a week for $0.99. There’s also visual voicemail on the app for each number.

RingMeMaybe is available on the iTunes App Store as of today for free.

UPDATE: Only receiving calls is free, making calls requires purchasing and using credits.

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