Samsung HomeSync Unites the Entire Samsung Galaxy Family

HOMESYNCHas Samsung declared sovereignty over the entirety of your family’s digital lives? Great news! You can rely on them even more by getting Samsung HomeSync, a device that unites all of your household’s Galaxy devices as a storage and media center.

If HomeSync sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it was announced at MWC in February of this year, and was originally slated to come out in April. After some hefty delays, HomeSync is indeed now available. Nothing has changed from the MWC announcement, though. You’re still getting 1 TB of storage, with the option of creating up to eight different secure accounts, with six devices allowed per account. You can sync your devices with HomeSync, or manually upload and download files so you can share those files with everyone else in the family.

It’s also a set-top box. You can connect it to any non-smart TV via HDMI to make it a smart TV. You’ll be able to stream content from HomeSync to the TV, or install apps using the Android UI (which runs on a 1.7 GHz processor) to access online content. It’s also compatible with a keyboard and mouse, but you can choose to use a Galaxy device as a remote, instead.

So, if there are more Galaxy devices than there are people in your home, HomeSync is just for you. You can buy it now for $300.

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