Samsung Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker System Takes on SONOS

Samsung is all set to provide its own take on home audio systems with Shape, a way for you to control multiple speakers with one app. The Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker System comes with one Samsung M7 speaker, but if you want to take advantage of what the system has to offer, you’re going to want to add to that number. You’ll need to hook up however many M7 speakers you end up with to a router, after which you can download an app that will let you stream to and control all of the M7 speakers in your home wirelessly.

There’s also the Samsung Hub, sold separately, which connects the speakers wirelessly to the Hub, so that the app can tap into and control the whole system. But don’t let the components involved scare you off, Samsung promises that unlike most multiroom speaker systems that have a complicated installation process, the Shape is going to be super easy to set up, with just a few steps involved. Furthermore, dual-band Wi-Fi support should keep the music flowing fluidly and clearly. In addition, the speaker packs in Bluetooth, with support for NFC pairing. And, fortunately, the speaker system won’t just work with the Samsung app and your own library of music – there’s also support for Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora, Rhapsody, and TuneIn Player, although there’s no word on Spotify or Rdio support.

The speakers themselves have a wedge design, so they can be tucked neatly into corners if you want them out of the way. You also have the option of placing them horizontally, or propping them up vertically on a stand. Otherwise, the plain black or white color offerings make sure that whether they end up, the M7 speakers remain pretty unassuming. Also, Samsung will be offering a matching wall bracket so that the speaker is easily mountable. Inside the speaker, there’s a Foam Core Woofer, CNT pulp cone mid-range speakers, and silk dome tweeters, so you should enjoy rich sound across all ranges.

The Samsung Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker System, which includes one M7 speaker, will hit stores on October 13 for $400. At the same time, you’ll be able to get the Samsung Hub for $50.

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