Sensible Baby SmartOne is a Super Powered Onesie

onesiInfant health sensors are definitely a big new market emerging out of the general sensor frenzy. Perhaps none so far have been as practical as the SmartOne from Sensible Baby. It’s a onesie fitted with sensors that your infant can comfortably wear, ensuring more consistent and accurate readings.

The SmartOne basically works the same way as any other baby sensor – it monitors room temperature and movement, to make sure that your infant’s sleeping environment is just right, and that your baby is healthy and safe. If one of those things goes awry, the SmartOne will send an alert to the paired smartphone app. Those alerts can be about room temperature, or can let you know if your infant has stopped moving, breathing, or sleeping on their back.

But, it doesn’t end with alerts. All of that data will be stored, so over time, you’ll be able to see your infant’s sleeping patterns and what the sensors are reading on average. That way, you’ll be able to notice right away if anything out of the ordinary starts happening.

The SmartOne is still in development, but you can sign up for their beta tester program, even if that does kinda make it sound like your baby is going to be a guinea pig.



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