Sleep Number DualTemp Might Prevent Divorces This Winter


A bed accessory for all the couples out there, the Sleep Number DualTemp allows you finicky kids to each have it your own way, without all that icky compromise that always seems to worm its way into relationship things.

If you’re always too cold, and he’s always too hot, or whatever the breakdown ends up being, the DualTemp allows each person to set the temperature for their respective side of the bed. The DualTemp is a thin layer that you lay over your mattress, and has small fans that blow air around the layer evenly to control temperature. Of course, the DualTemp is soft and cushy, so it won’t make sleeping suddenly more uncomfortable.

The DualTemp comes with two remotes that control the two sides of the bed. You can use the remote to make the DualTemp warmer or cooler, and set a timer to automatically shut it off after one to nine hours. If you don’t do that, DualTemp will automatically shut down after 10 hours. Changing the temperature stays pretty simple – there’s a down arrow you can use to choose between three levels of cooling, and an up arrow for three levels of heating – good thing, because winter is coming.

The DualTemp costs $1,000 for an extra long twin bed, $1,700 for a queen bed, and $1,900 for a king bed.

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