SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR Wireless Headphones Take Flight


The SOL REPUBLIC partnership with Motorola has once again borne fruit, this time providing us with a wireless version of their Tracks headphones, appropriately called Tracks AIR.

The familiar Tracks headphones have had the wires yanked out, instead allowing you to wander up to 150 feet away from your device while still listening to your tunes. The headphones are powered by A2 sound engines that were designed for Bluetooth, to mitigate the drawbacks in quality that sometimes arise when using Bluetooth for audio, especially for music. They have about a 15-hour battery life, but cables are included, so you can use them as a traditional set of wired headphones.

Another nice feature is that you can pair these with multiple Bluetooth devices, so you can switch on the fly between your phone and your tablet. Controls, since there is no in-line microphone, are located on the earcups themselves and are easy to reach. And, like other Tracks headphones, the headband can be swapped out with any number of others you can buy from SOL REPUBLIC.

The SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR will hit stores sometime in November for $200.

SOL REPUBLIC TracksAir_VividRed_TableShot_HR

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