iPad Air Will Be Free at T-Mobile on November 1st

T-Mobile Unleashes Tablets at Tweet Conference

T-Mobile had two big pieces of tablet news to announce yesterday, and it’s no coincidence that they both come on the heels of the iPad Air reveal. Even better, some of that news involves free data.

Free data for life, in fact. Or, for however long T-Mobile keeps it up, I guess. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet deal for the time being – T-Mobile is offering everyone 200 MB of 4G LTE data free every month, indefinitely, regardless of whether or not you’re a T-Mobile customer. If you have a 4G LTE tablet, you can use it with T-Mobile’s network. Granted, 200 MB isn’t a lot, but it’s free – if they’re offering it, you might as well take it.

Of course, they’re hoping you throw some money their way to get a little more than just 200 MB. Even then, the prices aren’t bad – $10 per month for unlimited 3G data plus 500 MB of 4G LTE data, then $10 more every time you want to get 2 GB more of 4G LTE data. There are also daily and weekly passes you can purchase. All of the above are specifically for tablets, by the way.

The other bit of good news is that you can get an iPad Air from T-Mobile for free when it hits on November 1 for nothing on the day of purchase. Of course, you’ll have to pay in monthly installments, but if you want, you can head on over to a T-Mobile after November 1, grab an iPad Air, and walk out without any money leaving your wallet. And, the free 200 MB of 4G LTE for life applies for the iPad Air, too.


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