T-Mobile and Shakira Unleash Global Data Whenever, Wherever

The one big advantage T-Mobile has over its United States competitors is that the parent company isn’t actually headquartered in the United States – T-Mobile has a huge presence abroad. Now, they’re using it to offer a pretty enticing service – unlimited data while abroad. Shakira says it, and it is so.

As of October 31, anyone with a Simple Choice individual or business plan will get unlimited international data, not everywhere, but in over 100 countries. While in those countries, calls will be a flat $0.20 per minute.

If you’re stateside calling out, there are some benefits for you, too. For all of those 100+ countries, which T-Mobile calls Simple Global countries, you can add an extra $10 per month onto your plan to get unlimited texting to those countries and calls for $0.20 per minute.

In case you were wondering what was going on with Shakira up there, she’s the latest celebrity to throw in with company X. The T-Mobile announcement was made at a special concert they held, with Shakira headlining, last night. It’s a symbiotic relationship – Shakira will help promote T-Mobile at home and abroad, while T-Mobile will help promote Shakira’s new album, possibly with exclusives in store for T-Mobile subscribers.

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