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TAVIK Outer Edge Bumper Case for iPhone 5/5s Review


Looking for a case that offers protection without concealing the sexiness of the iPhone 5S? TAVIK’s Outer Edge Bumper Case could be the answer. This case protects the more exposed areas without sacrificing the iPhone’s natural beauty. Some bumper cases have a loose fit and offer very little actual “bump” protection. Fortunately, TAVIK’s Bumper Case has neither of those shortcomings.

The packaging itself shows how much TAVIK cares about their product. The bumper is packaged in beautiful box that you may not even want to throw away after removing the case! It sure makes you feel good about your purchase right off the bat. Upon removing the case itself, which is very securely placed in the box, you’ll notice the smooth feel of the co-molded, rubber and plastic case. It is sturdy and not at all flimsy-feeling. Putting the iPhone 5s into the case is simple and straightforward. And again, it fits securely without bowing on the sides like some of the cheaper bumper cases. Looking around the edges you see that the volume and power buttons are built into the case. This should make pressing the buttons easier, however, it actually makes the power button more difficult to press. There is also a cut-away for the Mute switch. Looking at the bottom of the case, the cutaways for the speaker, mic, headphone and lightning port are adequate with no obstructions.


Aside from offering protection from bumping the corners of your phone, the front and back extend out for about millimeter. So you can set your phone down on the desk or table without worrying about scratching the back or especially the screen. Another problem we find with many full-cover cases is that they obstruct the flash and sometimes even the camera itself. Not so with an outer edge bumper case. If you take a lot of pictures this is a good choice for you.


TAVIK’s Outer Edge Bumper Case barely adds any weight to your svelte iPhone 5/5S, and manages to still provide it with adequate protection without getting in the way. So if you’d like to keep the sleek look of the iPhone while having the peace of mind knowing that your phone will not be easily damaged, this is a great choice.  The case is available in 5 two tone color options – Cyan/Black, Black/Charcoal, Black/Red, Pink/White an White/White. It’s available now for $29.95 from the Apple Store or from TAVIK directly.

The Good: Lightweight, lets you show off the iPhone’s good looks, Solid construction, lots of color choices.

The Bad: The Power button is a little difficult to press.