Truffol Signature Nature Series for iPhone 5/5S Review

The Truffol Signature Nature Series is premium housing for your iPhone 5/5S. The case blends together beautiful hand-polished wood or bamboo with machined aluminum. You’ve never seen anything like it.

The Truffol Signature Nature Series case for iPhone 5 isn’t just unique looking, but it is unique in design. It’s a two-piece case. There’s an aluminum frame that fits around iPhone like a bumper case. Then there’s a wooden back that slides on to the frame and locks with stainless steel clips.

The Truffol comes with a silver frame, navy frame, or black frame depending on your model. The black frame blends perfectly with the black iPhone 5. It’s noticeably high quality, you can see that the aluminum has a brushed metal texture. The frame changes the shape of iPhone and makes it more square-ish. The blending of black makes the square iPhone more believable. We love this; it reminds us of TYLT’s
SQRD case

Digging for buttons and switches is not a problem with the Truffol, the case uses super-premium buttons overlaid on iPhone’s. There’s even a toggle switch. The toggle switch works beautifully, but, unfortunately the tiny switch isn’t attached to the Truffol, so you can lose it when the case is not on iPhone. The volume rocker is really neat; it’s rectangular and stout. It looks like it’s Truffol’s way of saying ‘iPhone should have a volume rocker, not individual volume buttons’. The port openings on the bottom of the case is Truffol’s only real downfall. They’re very small and won’t fit most third party chargers, or even most headphones. There’s supposed to be a headphone adapter included to prevent headphone incompatibility.

While it’s hard to distinguish, our model is not wood, but bamboo, and it’s gorgeous! It was machined out of wooden bamboo blocks and hand polished. It’s extremely smooth and has a premium-looking graininess to it.

The Truffol Signature Nature is durable, protective, and luxurious. With the premium build comes additional heft for your iPhone. It’s currently available in regular bamboo (silver frame), cherry wood (silver frame), walnut wood (navy frame), and black carbonized bamboo (black frame, shown). It’s pricy at $75, but it actually looks like it could be a lot more expensive–especially after some of the cases we’ve reviewed. The Signature Series is currently available from Truffol.com.

The Good: Awesome appearance and premium design, Gives iPhone new squarish shape, Different wood/bamboo options, Button overlays and toggle switch overlays, Nice packaging
The Bad: Small port openings on bottom of case, Toggle switch can be lost easily, Heavy

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