This is One Happy USB Family


It’s 2013, and nothing is allowed to be boring. Granted, kitschy USB hubs (yeah, the hubs, let alone the drives) are far from a new development, but we’ve maybe never seen a whole USB hub/drive cutesy set-up until now.

Over on E-my, you’ll find USB hubs done up in the frame of a house or a car. But, what’s a house without a family to live in it? They have that part covered, too – they’re selling father, mother, daughter, and son USB drives that are ready to hop in the USB car and move into their new USB home. If you’re that kind of family, this would be the perfect way to adorably organize the family’s files. You know whether or not you’re that kind of family.

The hubs and the drives cost €22.18 and €21.18, respectively, which come out to about $29 and $30. Who says you can’t put a price on happiness? Just look at ’em.


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