Bird Voice Wood Alarm Clock Speaks English and Japanese

birdIf you look at it from the front, it definitely doesn’t look like an alarm clock. It looks like a way better version of something you tried to make in woodshop in seventh grade. But, an alarm clock this bird is, and a much less abrasive than usual one, at that.

The Bird Voice Wood Alarm Clock tucks a digital alarm clock behind its wooden facade. The alarm, instead of being a cross between a fire alarm and an air raid siren, is the pleasing symphony of birds chirping, which for some admittedly might be just as enraging at six in the morning. And, for the time, you don’t need to turn the bird around to the ugly side – just give it a squeeze and it’ll announce the time out loud, in English or Japanese!

Waking up with a new incognito alarm clock will run you $40 from AC Gears.

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