Vybe Bracelet Alerts You of Incoming Calls


Rejecting calls is now just a tap away, without even having to fish out your phone. Vybe is looking for funding, and if they get it, they’ll be shipping out Bluetooth bracelets that can let you control basic phone functions from your wrist.

Vybe is an unassuming, lightweight bracelet that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Once you’ve paired up the bracelet, it will notify you of an incoming text with a buzz. If you get a call, Vybe will buzz at one-second intervals. So, I’m not sure how often this will be useful, because for the most part, you’ll need t0 fish out your phone anyway if you want to attend to whoever is trying to contact you. One touch rejection of calls, however, sounds like it could be handy.

But, the most useful part of Vybe, which could be a selling point on its own, is that it will vibrate vigorously if you get separated from your phone by more than 50 feet. This way, if you forget your phone or someone lifts it, you’ll know before it’s too late to do something about it.

Vybe is taking pre-orders now, priced at $39. February 2014 is the listed ship date, and you can expect the price to increase to $55 after that.



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  1. Looks smart and trendy. But would be cool if they work with various messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line as well!

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