Smartphone Controlled Evo Laser Would Scare Even a Jedi


Well, despite being able to burn things, Wicked Laser’s line of handheld lasers are all certified as street legal in the United States. That’s a good thing, because there’s a fair amount of fun to be had with the Evo, their newest laser.

Evo is a little different from the standard laser pointer out there. The 100 mW laser (the power can be increased), at its most basic, has four modes of operation – momentary, constant, strobe, and bypass. The fun starts when you get into how to control the laser. Using a smartport on the laser itself, you can use a smartphone to control the Evo wirelessly. With a simple laser and four different functions, that admittedly doesn’t sound all that exciting. But, the firmware is open-source and hackable, so anyone and everyone can create apps that control the laser in myriad unique ways.


The laser itself is very tough, made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. That will cover you for drops – if you’re worried about others getting your hands on your (potentially dangerous) laser, there’s a cipher-locked SmartSwitch, with a removable key, so you’re the only one who should be able to use Evo. The EVO still relies on AA batteries, unfortunately – two of them.

The Evo laser costs $200 by itself. If you’re interested in hacking the laser’s firmware, there’s a separate firmware programmer you can buy for $30, as well.