Alpha House’s Success Solidifies Amazon’s Original Content Future


We’re looking at the advent of new competition when it comes to producing and distributing entertainment to the good people who so desire it, and it’s probably not competition television and cable networks are going to like very much. Just as Netflix introduced their own original series with ‘House of Cards,’ so too is Amazon bringing new original content directly to you through Amazon Prime Instant Video. It’s a new comedy called ‘Alpha House,’ and you’ll only find it through Amazon.

‘Alpha House’ kicked off late last week, with the first three episodes of the initial 11-episode run going on Prime Instant Video. It’s a new comedy series from Garry Trudeau, the guy better known for writing Doonesbury, the comic strip you either love or glaze over with a passing knowledge of existence as you read the other daily comics in the – what was that thing again? – right, newspaper. ‘Alpha House’ follows the hijinks of four U.S. senators who rent a house together in Washington D.C., and stars John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, Cynthia Nixon, and Amy Sedaris, among others, who will all surely make up for how far-fetched that premise is.

Episode four will go up this Friday, with the remaining seven episodes going up once per Friday after that. This Friday will also mark the debut of Amazon Studios’ other comedy series, ‘Betas,’ which will mine Silicon Valley for comedy gold. These aren’t the first productions to come out of Amazon Studios, but they might be the most significant, bringing star power and upper-crust writing to the fledgling production house. It’s safe to say we’ll probably see a lot more shows like these from Netflix and Amazon – much to television’s chagrin.

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