Android Uglydoll Looks Like it Ate Too Many Jelly Beans

androidDidn’t notice it until now, but the Android mascot was made to be an Uglydoll. The mashup is perfect, with all the ugly cuteness and cute ugliness you’d expect from the finest Uglydolls.

Two types of Android Uglydolls are on the Google Store now – Android Ox and Android Babo. Android Ox, above, is the guy who indeed looks like he scarfed down too many – well, Android land is just chock full of sweets, isn’t it? I guess that face has been a long time coming. Maybe the KitKats did him in. Babo comes in a nice lavender, and has the adorable buckteeth thing going on.

Both of the Android Uglydolls will come in 11” plush and 4” backpack-sized forms. They’re selling for $17 and $5, respectively, on the Google Store.



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