AT&T’s Latin America Plan Lets You Call Mexico for a Penny


If you’re an AT&T customer with family in Latin America (well, some countries in Latin America), it looks like making those holiday calls won’t be as exorbitantly expensive as they used to be. AT&T is introducing AT&T Latin America Talk and Text, a new feature you can now add to your calling plan.

For tacking on an extra $10 to your monthly bill, you’ll get discounted calling rates and unlimited texting to eight Latin American countries – Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. You’ll be able to call any number in Mexico for $.01 per minute, and $.09 per minute for numbers in the other seven countries. The plan holds for both wireless and landline numbers in all countries.

Always nice to see the yoke of international wireless costs being lifted at least a little. Call it AT&T getting in the holiday spirit.