1966 Batmobile Replica Available Now for $200K

batmoBetter hurry up and buy it before Adam West does – this one-time Lincoln is now an exact replica of the old Batmobile from the ’60s television show, and yes, attention to detail has very much been paid.

You can tell just from the exterior that this is a faithful recreation, but the little things on the inside are what makes this Batmobile worthy of the name. Batphone? Check. Shining red beacon? Got that, too. There’s an even a propane tank on the back that gives off that afterburner flame from the show. And, of course, there’s a Bat symbol beam. The best part is that it’s packed with a 430-horsepower 383 Blueprint Crate engine and is actually street legal as long as you clamp on the sideview mirrors and use the rear video camera. Apparently, Batman didn’t mind that the original Batmobile was not street legal. Batman was never one to be constrained by the law.

So, start practicing the Batman theme song in the mirror and go find someone willing to be Robin, because this is the premiere Batman fan experience. Actually, you’ll want to pool together money with your Robin of choice, too, because this Batmobile costs $200,000. Considering that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, I guess that’s kind of a steal.

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