Barbie Digital Dress Meets 21st Century Fashion: Review


For the last 50 years, millions of girls have grown up with Barbie. What has made Barbie appealing to all those generations of girls is her ability to innovate and change according to the times. Her no- nonsense fashion sense is the latest to get an upgrade with the Barbie Digital Dress Doll. A customizable dress that lets Barbie put on an LED light-show, always making her ready to be the life of the party.

How does it work?

You control the LED lights through the gems on her necklace. Pressing each one opens a different mode: The left for drawing a new design, the middle for playing the animations, and the right puts it into sound activated mode.

Once you enter the Drawing mode, you choose a color from the palette and draw using the included stylus or your finger. When you want to change colors, simply press the gem again and choose another color. You can also enter text mode and spell out a message. This is a neat feature and it works well, though the text scrolls vertically with the letters on their side, it would be nice if you could also have it scroll horizontally like they have done with the word “Barbie” which scrolls across when you turn on the dress.

By pressing the middle gem you can watch the animations. There are 15 included and you can have up to 40 with the available memory. It’s very easy to scroll through them by swiping left or right.


When you press the button on the right, you enter the sound activated mode. This one was pretty cool as her dress lights up to the beat and volume of the music. This mode will no doubt be the most fun when Barbie goes out dancing.

At first glance this Barbie looks like a normal Barbie, however there are some noteworthy drawbacks. First, she can’t stand on her own and will require the plastic display stand that is included. So when she comes back from the dance floor, make sure to re-attach her to the stand so she doesn’t fall over. Second, aside from her arms raising and lowering and her head twisting and turning, there is no other joint movement. However, considering the uniqueness of this particular Barbie, these are acceptable limitations.

For power, there are 2 AAA batteries concealed in her legs, but this doesn’t detract from her good looks at all. The screen on her dress does give her a bit of an odd look from the side, but I’m quite sure most girls won’t mind since they’ll be having hours of fun changing the patterns or colors on the dress.


This is a very unique Barbie for your daughter’s collection. Barbie’s Digital Dress kicks her fashion sense into the 21st century and makes for a pretty awesome sound equalizer. We just hope she comes out with a few more dresses or her wardrobe is going to get stale pretty fast. You can order one on Amazon for $43.

Buy it!

The Good: Easy to use. Reacts to sound. Fun.

The Bad: Low resolution screen. Limited flexibility.

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