The Traditional Hookah Just Got an $800 Facelift

Tired of vapin’ it with e-cigs? Time to try out Blow Hookah, a new brand of electronic hookah that gives you all the sweet flavor of traditional hookah without having to inhale a ton of smoke.


Ton isn’t too much of an overstatement, either – Blow says that ‘in a typical hookah smoking session, you inhale up to 180 times more smoke than you would in a single cigarette,’ which, while maybe not as dangerous as cigarette smoke, is surely not doing anything good for your insides. While Blow Hookah dispenses with the traditional smoke, the traditional smoking hose is preserved. Blow sells entire sets of electronic hookah, including a base, a battery, two electronic smoking hoses, and two tanks of e-liquid, the replacement stuff Blow is using to create the non-toxic vapor coming from their hookah.

Once those tanks have been used up, you can go back to Blow to get replacements. They have 11 flavors available, including acai berry, double apple, mocha coffee, and piña colada. The entire health-friendly Blow electronic hookah set will run you $800, with replacement bottles of e-liquid selling for $10 each.

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