EverDock Universal Phone and Tablet Dock Review

How’s this sound: a universal dock that will prop, sync, and charge virtually any mobile device or tablet? That’s EverDock, the dock that’s compatible with iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, Blackberry, and just about any other mobile phone or tablet. It even works with cases! EverDock was born from Kickstarter and found a crazy demand. It’s a premium dock built from a block of elegant aluminum. There’s even an EverDock “Duo” which can dock two devices at once.

EverDock is a beautiful accessory. It’s machined from a block of aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in one of three matte “bead blasted” finishes: space gray, gold, and silver. Needless to say, it looks superb sitting next to an iMac, or on any desk for that matter. It has real heft like a paperweight, but EverDock has a trick up its sleeve. The bottom of the dock is lined in micro-suction grip, a technology that firmly attaches it to a desk without leaving any residue behind.

We reviewed a beta version of the EverDock Duo, a model that’s only changed slightly from the production version. It can dock two devices, with or without cases. It’s convenient for charging a phone and a tablet, while being able to glance over at the front device’s screen. There’s a silicon seat for devices that don’t use a case. Without the silicon, the cable sticks out a little further and works with most cases.

Compatibility depends mostly on your charger type. EverDock can accommodate virtually any device that uses a micro-USB, lightning cable, or 30-pin cable (iOS or Samsung). That covers most mobile phones and tablets. The aluminum is fitted for 30 pin connectors, but there’s a rubber fit adapter for mounting a lightning cable or the included micro-USB cable. Regular micro-USB cables won’t fit, unless it’s abnormally skinny.

EverDock was built to be as simple as possible. There’s no advanced setup, screws, or tools involved. A proper setup just takes a minute and the cable stays secure and does a pretty good job of not pulling or wiggling.

I use an ElementCase iPhone case which recesses iPhone’s charging port deeper than most cases, and deeper than any charging dock can reach. The port is even too deep for EverDock, but with some creativity I was able to turn EverDock into the perfect dock. I wrapped a bit of tape around the end of the cord so the fit adapter would get a good grip and prop the lightning cable out slightly more than usual. I added the rubber bed and now I have a sturdy charging port for my ElementCase iPhone to dock and charge.

EverDock is high-tech-beauty for your desk or nightstand. It compliments any device and desk, and is super convenient to use. Unlike a lot of docks, it does a fantastic job of staying put–the microsuction grip really works. It includes a special micro-USB, or two if you get the Duo EverDock. You’ll have to provide your own lightning cable, and for best results you should get the cable from Apple otherwise it may not fit. Currently EverDock is only available for pre-order. You can preorder EverDock for $49 or the EverDock Duo for $69; you can get one of each for a total of $109. There’s discounts if you buy more than one.

The Good: Dock almost any device, Elegant, Stays put, Works with cases, Includes micro-USB cable, Dual dock available, Discount when buying multiple
The Bad: Doesn’t include lightning cable, Only available for pre-order

Update: Since we received this production unit, the company has made a slight change to the EverDock’s design. Instead of the silicone dot that holds the silicone protector in place, there is now a strip that goes across the back support of the EverDock. You can see the rendering below for reference.

Everdock rendering

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