Nova Stereo Streaming System Puts Most Desktop Speakers to Shame


Harman Kardon’s newest speaker is a petite desktop speaker that looks like it’s meant to double as a post-modern desk decoration. Doesn’t hurt that the sound should be everything you’d expect from the brand, too.

The Nova Stereo Streaming Sound System is designed to work with all kinds of devices – everything from smartphones and tablets to Roku and Apple TV to computers. It has analog and optical inputs, along with Bluetooth and NFC functionality to guarantee that the Nova will work with anything capable of playing music. If you want to play music right from your smartphone’s music library, there’s a Harman Kardon app you can download for iOS and Android that will help you do that with the Nova.

And, play music it will. Beneath the transparent exterior you’ll see a turbine housing a woofer, a passive radiator, 2.5” drivers, and 1.25” tweeters. Should make for big sound coming from a relatively small device.

The Nova comes in a set of two, and is available now from Harman Kardon for $300.

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