Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Gifts For the Whole Family

Want to really get into the holiday spirit this year? Stock up on gifts that the whole family can enjoy. Evenings at home when the entire family is actually together and interacting with each other on some level? It’s not just the stuff of holiday movies.



Toshiba Satellite Click 2-in-1 13.3’’ Laptop

A laptop for all seasons (and people), this machine from Toshiba features a detachable keyboard and a 720p IPS display. With decent specs at a decent price ($600), it’s an agreeable all-purpose computer that anyone in the family can use. There may be rock-paper-scissors tournaments to establish priority.



Samsung 55’’ OLED Smart 3D HDTV

Samsung piled it all on this television – their popular Smart Hub interface, 3D capabilities, and a 1080p OLED display that shines. The curved, concave screen gives you more of a home theater feel, perfect for family movie nights. It’s a splurge at $9,000.



Brother Handheld Label Maker

Oh yes, the holiday label maker. Absolutely no one needs one, yet just about everyone in the family will be using it within a week of the box being opened. In January, when there is a label on the refrigerator that says ‘food’, you may question your decision, but the road there will be fun. This label maker from Brother is going for $35.



Sony Xperia Tablet Z

A tablet as a family gift? Well, it’s waterproof – the ideal kitchen tablet. Everyone will be clamoring to unleash their inner gourmet chef once the Xperia Tablet Z arrives. Not content to be a gimmick device, you’ll also find a 1080p display and – even better – universal remote functionality, so you can join in on the channel changing wars from the kitchen. On sale now at $450.



Dropcam Pro

Give the gift of home security this year with the $200 Dropcam Pro, a video camera that can keep an eye on the home while streaming secure video to mobile devices over a Wi-Fi connection. Night vision and a 130 degree field of view ensure that you’ll catch nefarious thieves, of both the threatening and cookie jar varieties.



Honeywell Smart Thermostat

Take a step towards fixing yourself up with a smart home and grab the Honeywell Smart Thermostat. Replacing your old, boring thermostat, this $250 smart device works with an app that you can use to control and monitor the temperature in your home remotely. Or, you can just create schedules and forget about it entirely. Just maybe make sure the kids don’t get the password.



Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27’’ Table PC

Family game night doesn’t have to be completely devoid of tech.The Horizon table PC from Lenovo, in addition to being a fully-fledged all-in-one PC, can be your new all-in-one board game console. The Horizon comes with physical accessories like joysticks and dice that can digitally interact with the PC. At $1,600, you can get a family PC in the truest sense of the term.



Casio AT3 Portable Keyboard

With the AT3, you seriously can make your own kind of music (with respect to Mama Cass). This $200 76-key keyboard from Casio features hundreds of tones and rhythms, producing sounds from Eastern and Western music alike. Throw in in-depth song and pattern sequencers, and before long you’ll know whether or not you have a musical genius in the family.



Western Digital My Cloud 2 TB Personal Cloud Storage

The ideal central storage device for the entire family, My Cloud connects to your home ethernet network, opening up its contents to all connected devices in the home. Everyone can carve out their own slice of My Cloud, with discrete, password-protected profiles. Add streaming to TVs and video game consoles, and you have the essential home data center. Not a bad deal at $150.




iRobot Roomba 880

Get rid of one household chore? Everyone’s a winner. The $700 Roomba 880 shows that the original robot vacuum hasn’t stopped improving. The new AeroForce Performance Cleaning System ups the Roomba’s cleaning game, with a powerful, anti-tangle cleaning system that keeps the floor clean and the family doing things that are more fun than vacuuming.

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