iGrill Meat Thermometer Shrinks Down to Bite-Size

screenshot_1746iDevices has shrunk down their iGrill meat thermometer into the iGrillmini, which sports the same Bluetooth connectivity while taking up much less space.

The iGrillmini is one-fourth the size of its predecessor, and boasts an LED light indicating doneness and an impressive 150-hour battery life. The device also has a magnet attached, so you can stick it on the outside of your oven or on your refrigerator, wherever is most convenient to see it. The Bluetooth part means that there will be a free app that is paired to the device, and will allow you to check on the temperature of the meat and, because you know you want to, share what you’re cooking with all of your social networks.

The iGrillmini is coming sometime this holiday season for $40. The app still needs a little more time in the oven, and will be ready to go sometime early 2014.

UPDATE: The iOS version of the app that goes with the iGrillmini will be ready by the end of the month. An Android version of the app will be ready sometime in 2014.


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