Jawbone Up’s the Competiton with UP24 Fitness Bracelet

UP24 with Device

The Jawbone UP was one of the first big fitness trackers to hit shelves, so it’s no surprise that it’s getting an update this holiday season, both to the device itself and the app that processes all of that fitness and sleep data.

UP24 is the brand new tracker that you can find in stores now. It features Bluetooth connectivity, something that has easily become a must in the fitness accessory world. This means that UP24 will constantly be syncing with the UP 3.0 app, an updated app that we’ll get to later. It will also push notifications to your mobile device for goals attained, as well as summaries of sleep data after you’ve woken up and exercise data after you’ve finished a workout session. It’ll even push encouraging messages if you’ve nearly completed a goal you have set on the app. The wristband itself is made of hypoallergenic medical-grade rubber, so it should be comfortable to wear all hours of the day. The battery will last for about a week on a full charge.

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Coming along with the new UP24 is the updated UP 3.0 app. The new app tries to focus on stepping stones to forming new, healthy habits. That’s why they have the ‘Today I Will’ feature, which gives you customized daily goals based on which habits you’ve been struggling with lately (which the app will be aware of, thanks to all the data it collects). Of course, there are longer-term goals you can set, and you’ll be notified whenever you hit certain milestones or manage to keep a streak of good habits going for a appreciable amount of time. Logs and graphs showing you your fitness and sleep data are also easy to check out on the app.

The Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker is available as of today on Jawbone’s online store, and is selling for $150. It comes in small, medium, and large, and in onyx or persimmon colors. UP24 will hit Apple and Best Buy stores on November 19.

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