J.D. Salinger Unpublished Works Leak Online

JD Salinger Portrait SessionIt’s a rare day you see brand new works from a legendary author, especially one that has since passed on. But, that’s what the public can enjoy today, as three unpublished short stories from J.D. Salinger have found their way onto various Internet outlets.

The three stories, in a collection called, appropriately enough, Three Stories, wasn’t completely sealed off from the eyes of the world before this week. A select group of those toiling away in academia had access to the works, titled The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls, Birthday Boy, and Paula. Scholars of Salinger, some of whom had previously read the works, confirmed the veracity of the three stories as works of Salinger, according to a CNN report.

Of course, since these stories ended up on torrent sites and were hidden for this long, you can probably guess that a lot of people didn’t want these stories to see the light of day – chiefly Salinger himself, who kept most of his works under wraps when he was still alive. In fact, the three stories leaked today aren’t nearly ready for publication, with plenty of errors. But, if you’re hankering for new material from a legend (it’d be like finding a few unreleased Hendrix tracks), dig in. Just know that the legend himself might not have been too happy about it.


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